Our Mission

What is the Mission of New Omaha Garden Park?

New Omaha Garden Park’s mission is to create an organic gardening opportunity to grow food and flowers in an environmentally sustainable way. In addition, we wish to provide a gardening experience that benefits the grower and others through education, mentoring, and volunteer participation. We strive to provide the services of a safe, beautiful and well-equipped garden facility for our plot renters; to grow and harvest high-quality home grown produce for family and community recipients and an educational resource for residents of Omaha.

About New Omaha Garden Park

NOGP has grown to become one of the largest and most diverse Community Gardens in the state of Nebraska. The many volunteers involved with NOGP help make the garden, its programs, and donation acquisition successful and help NOGP to be a community resource.

As a philanthropic proprietary community-oriented organization, donations and volunteer contributions are essential to the existence, improvement, and continuation of NOGP. NOGP receives many generous donations in the form of service, skills, materials, and money. NOGP greatly appreciates these donations which support the success of many individual projects and contribute to the garden’s success.

A dedicated volunteer Steering Committee leads the NOGP project with the assistance of coordinators who oversee the Community Plots and Park in general.

The NOGP Steering Committee is pleased to continue offering improved facilities and programs to the community, and we look forward to welcoming new participants as well as our returning plot renters and volunteers.