Garden Plots

Rental fees are:

$79 for a 25’x25′ plot (approx 625 square feet)

$148 for a 25’x50′ plot (approx 1250 square feet)

All plots are rented annually (March through October) and the annual fee covers the garden space and water availability.

Services we provide at the gardens include:

1. Prepare the garden plot area for planting by plowing and tilling.

2. Stake all plots and identify each plot by number.

3. Provide a portable toilet at the site.

4. Provide a dump pile.

5. Use of our water system.

The expectations of you:

1. Be responsible for keeping assigned plot as clean and neat as possible.

2. Supply your own seeds, organic fertilizer and equipment for proper preparation, growing, cultivating and harvesting of crops.

3. Water your own plot without overuse of the limited water supply.

4. Use cultivation or mulches to control weeds.

5. Take all personal waste with you.

6. By October 25, remove all garden produce, fencing, refuse and stakes, so fall plowing can take place.

7. Have fun!

Returning Gardeners:

Garden spaces are offered to returning gardeners first. After returning gardeners have rented, new gardeners can select from the remaining plots. If a returning gardener would like to switch to another site or garden space, arrangements can be made to do so by contacting us prior to the rental season.

All returning gardeners will have until March 1 to renew their annual contracts. Returning gardeners must renew their plots by filling out and submitting the necessary forms. If returning gardeners do not renew their contract by March 20, they will lose their right of first to rent, and their plot will become available to the next available applicant on the waiting list. This deadline exists to motivate our returning gardeners to re-commit to using their garden plot before the growing season begins so it does not go to waste! Note: If you forfeit mid-season, you will not receive a renewal notice for the next garden season. You must follow the procedure to obtain a plot, just as if you were a new registrar.

New Gardeners:

The rental date for new gardeners for is April 1st. Assignments will be made to new gardeners on the waiting list as plots become available.